The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:10

Bethlehem Early Learning Centres

This wholly owned subsidiary of the Christian Education Trust governs  five early learning centres.

Over 300 children are enrolled in these centres where they receive education and care focused on a Biblically based and Christ centred approach to early learning. Mrs Lorraine Schou is the company manager who oversees the work of the Head Teachers in each Centre.


When children feel relaxed, loved and celebrated they become creative, playful and curious about the world. Our teacher’s develop a caring relationship with your child, helping them to learn, grow and thrive!

Lorraine Schou

+64 7 579 1707

7 Elder Lane, Bethlehem
Tauranga, New Zealand


The Christian Education Trust established Bethlehem College Kindergarten with the purpose of preparing pre-schoolers to enter Bethlehem College.

Bethlehem College Kindergarten is a highly regarded centre surrounded by mature trees and lots of grassy space for children to run and play. The experienced teaching team focus on the fascinations and uniqueness of each child and provide quality opportunities for learning through play. They have an established transition pathway to Bethlehem College in particular, or to any primary school of the parent’s choice.

22 Elder Lane, Bethlehem College Campus

Full-time and sessional care for children 3-5 years.

Opening Hours: 8am – 4pm

“We know that when children feel loved, learning naturally follows.”  Clare van Niekerk, Head Teacher

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Clare van Niekerk

+64 7 579 1706

25 Elder Lane, Bethlehem
Tauranga, New Zealand


The Christian Education Trust purchased First Class Education and Care on Moffat Road in Bethlehem in 2005.

First Class Education and Care is a nurturing centre with strong family connections, individualised learning and a delightful emphasis on imaginative play and the performing arts. The dynamic teaching team facilitate a creative emergent curriculum with a combination of teacher-directed and child-iniitated play and projects. The Infants and Toddlers unit offers a calm and secure environment for young children with restful and regular routines.

Full-time and sessional care for children 6 mths – 5 yrs.

Opening Hours: 7.30am – 5.30pm

“By building a personal connection with each family we are able to plan for each child individually and give them a sense of belonging.” Diana Bailey, Head Teacher.

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Diana Bailey

+64 7 579 2252

125 Moffat Road, Bethlehem
Tauranga, New Zealand


Olive Tree Education and Care was previously owned by Lollipops and came into CET ownership on 1 July 2011.

Olive Tree Education and Care is a fun centre with a stimulating programme for older children and a spacious and nurturing unit for babies and toddlers. The centre is led by a male head-teacher who facilitates a fun learning programme where boys can be boys and girls can do anything!  The caring teaching team encourage creative thinking and learning through play. Every Wednesday the 3-5 year olds have an adventure together, enjoying activities like bike days, games on the sports field, beach trips, visits to local community organisations and picnics in the local area.

Full-time and sessional care for children 6 mths – 5 yrs.

Opening Hours: 7.30am – 5.30pm

“We run a fun and stimulating programme with lots of hands-on adventures for active kids.” Philip Brickell, Head Teacher

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Philip Brickell

+64 7 572 0365

32/34 Gloucester Road
Mount Maunganui


The Christian Education Trust founded St Andrews Pre-school in Te Puke in June 2007. St Andrews Preschool operates in a modern facility adjacent to St Andrews Presbyterian Church with whom it has a close relationship.

St Andrews Preschool is a sunny and welcoming centre which the Te Puke community has taken to heart. The teachers are all locals and enjoy strong relationships with each child and their family. This creates a warm family-feel to the centre.

The high-calibre teaching team ensures that each child  enjoys a secure sense of belonging as they develop into confident, curious and creative learners. Due to it’s positive reputation in the community, St Andrews Preschool often have a full roll and waiting- list room only for new families.  Please enquire early to avoid disappointment.

Full-time and sessional care for children 3 – 5 yrs.

Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm

“I am proud that St Andrews Preschool is a ‘home away from home’ for children, a place where they can experience love, inclusion and respect.”Anne Campbell, Head Teacher

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Anne Campbell

+64 7 573 6903

6 Stewart Street
Te Puke, New Zealand


The Christian Education Trust purchased Amazing Place Preschool in Rotorua in June 2008.

Amazing Place Preschool is a bright and positive multi-cultural centre with a big heart for children and whanau. Older and younger children enjoy interacting together in our open-plan centre. At Amazing Place Preschool you’ll find happy children in a nurturing environment, enjoying genuine relationships with caring teachers who facilitate creative play and quality learning experiences.

Full-time and sessional care for children 6 mths – 5 yrs.

Opening Hours: 8am – 4.30pm

“We believe that relationship is the heart of learning. It’s so important to us to build warm and caring relationships with the children and whanau who join our centre.” Leanne Gulliver, Head Teacher

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Leanne Gulliver

+64 7 343 9991

87 Sunset Road, Western Heights
Rotorua, New Zealand